What You Say Does Not Matter

You really can meet someone anywhere.  A lot of guys get hung up on the “what do I say to her?” part of the approach.  The truth is that it doesn’t matter.  It literally doesn’t matter what you say.  In fact, most people don’t even remember what the first thing their friends said to them was.  Do you?

I was at a health food store and I saw a cute girl that I wanted to talk to.  I walked over to the aisle she was in and started looking around, and for a moment I had that feeling that everyone gets: “I don’t know what to say to her!”  It’s funny because even when you realize that it doesn’t matter, you still have those thoughts.  I saw her reach for a bottle of green coffee bean extract and knew I could use that as a conversation starter.

“Hey, does that stuff really work?”

She turned to face me and smiled.  From this point forward it was just a matter of vibing and the actual conversation didn’t matter.  She talked a bit about where she heard about the supplement, said she didn’t know if it worked or not but wanted to try it.  She already had a nice body so I don’t know why she was interested in a weight loss product, but that’s just how some people are.  So we chatted for a bit but I had to get going so I got her number and left.

The truth is I probably could have said anything to begin talking to her.  The only reason I chose to use the thing she was holding is because it was convenient and wouldn’t seem like I was “trying” to hit on her.  You know, we were just talking.  But even that doesn’t matter.

So I’m not telling this story to say you should go hit on women in health food stores.  It was meant to be an example of how to use things in your environment to help you talk to someone when you would otherwise be wondering “what do I say?”  It doesn’t matter what you say, just say something, and just be confident when you do it.  I asked her because I was actually curious about the stuff she was looking at, not just as a stupid conversation opener.

On a related note, I actually have been hearing more about green coffee extract recently, so I was actually curious what she had to say about it.  It turned out she was kind of in the same situation where she has been hearing it mentioned in various places but didn’t actually know much about it.  So our shared curiosity set the foundation for an interaction that went well.  And btw, I texted her later that evening and she replied right away.