What You Must Understand About Cell Phones

The addition of cell phones to our daily lives has changed the way we communicate with each other.  This is true not only for normal social activities, but also with more flirtatious activity.  Talking on the phone has always been a popular way to communicate due to its ease and efficiency, but over the last 6 years, text messages (also called SMS depending on where you life) has risen to the forefront due to its discreet and convenient nature.

I met up with a friend for lunch today and we didn’t even talk on the phone to coordinate.  A total of 3 text messages between us and we had everything all worked out.   And it took a total of about 30 seconds which is actually faster than it would’ve been if we talked on the phone.  Plus, he was at the office and it might not have even been possible for him to talk on the phone.

But that’s boring.  Let’s talk about texting women.

Women love texting.


It’s discreet, and discreetness is exciting.  You can send her a flirty message that she gets while she’s in the middle of a business meeting.  No one knows except you and her.

It’s convenient.  You can text her now and she can read it later.  Talking to people on the phone requires both people be available and able to talk, but a woman can text you now and you can read it and reply whenever it is convenient for you to do so.  This is insanely useful.  She’s bored at work?  She can text you.  You saw something while walking downtown that reminded you of her?  You can text her.  She’s on a boring date?  She can text you.  And her date will never know.  Why?  Because it’s discreet (see above).

It works in noisy environments.  Good luck talking to anyone on the phone at a club, but you can text them to tell them what time you’ll be there, or when the after party is, or she can text you to tell you she’s bored and wants to come over.

But the usefulness of cell phones isn’t limited to texting and talking.  I once got a woman’s number on a subway because she was playing Angry Birds and I happened to notice it as I walked past her.  I sat down across from her and noticed she was frustrated.  Turns out she couldn’t beat a certain level.  I laughed because I knew how she felt.  I have filled many a swear jar from getting mad at Angry Birds.  Lol.  But it didn’t matter, it was just an excuse to talk to her.  In the 5 minutes we talked before she had to get off, we clicked.  We exchanged numbers.

And later that night she texted me about how bored she was while on a date with someone else.  We made plans to grab a drink afterward.

Texting is great.