Sometimes You Just Need to Let Her Go

Ever felt like you were trying really hard but your girlfriend just didn’t seem to respond in kind?

Sounds like she has low interest.

You can’t fight for a relationship with someone who has low interest because they just don’t care. Think of a gf you dumped because you weren’t into the relationship anymore. Would any amount of “fighting” on her part have made you interested again? Of course not. You had low interest.

What often ends up happening in these situations is you will make a passionate play for all the reasons you want to save the relationship, and they’ll just kind of sit there like ok, whatever. And then they might agree to it but only after you force them to answer because, again, they just don’t care. They’re probably enjoying seeing how reactive you are. But nothing will change and the interest will continue to be one sided.

This is why you judge people based on their actions rather than what they say.

If she’s not fighting for the relationship as hard as you are as evidenced by her ACTIONS, run, don’t walk. This can be hard when you still love the person.

Some people will try to manipulate you into feeling bad when you argue because they are crazy.

Sometimes she will say something like she “doesn’t know what she wants” or “doesn’t know if it’s the right time.”

That’s all you need to know she’s done, and you should walk away.

Why do you want to be with someone who isn’t 100% sure they want to be with you?

Do you enjoy convincing someone that they want to be with you? How long until you get sick of playing games to keep her interest level high enough to stay with you?

I know that logically you understand this but because you are in love with her and therefore emotionally invested in the outcome, you “want to make it work.” Unfortunately, she doesn’t.

I know because I’ve been in that situation before. Real life isn’t a Hollywood movie where you can “win” the girl and go on to live happily ever after. Even if you do “work things out,” this will always be the history of the relationship, and may lead to resentment in the future. And like I said, you’ll have to consciously work to keep her interest high in the future. It may be exciting for a while but it will become a chore eventually because you won’t ever be able to relax. But it may be a learning experience that you need. I didn’t listen to people when I was in that situation, either.