High or Low Energy: Which is Better? Part 2

Once you understand social dynamics, you can break all the formulas and still have success because you just have a good feel for what will work and you do it without thinking.

When you start, it’s like, “ok, I gotta touch her 3 times in the first 5 minutes” or whatever. And you do it all awkwardly because you’re touching her because you’re supposed to and not because you want to. And she’s like ugh why is this guy touching me?

But then you get better and you’re like ok, 3 touches in 5 minutes. And you do it and it works.

And then you get to a point where you don’t have to touch her, but instead of failing, she touches you instead, because you understand attraction and vibing enough that even though you left something out, you compensated for it with something else, and you did it without thinking; just by feeling the vibe of the interaction.

All the classic, outer game PUA techniques (“did you see the fight outside?”, neg, kino, back turn open, prop lock, false time constraint, etc.) and stuff are just models to emulate while you learn this stuff from the outside in. They’re teaching inner game through outer game. Inner game, on the other hand,  approaches things more from inside your mind; it’s not about specific things that you should do or not do, but it’s about changing the way you look at things.  It teaches inner game with a little focus on outer game here and there. When you have inner game (foundational confidence), it almost doesn’t even matter what you do or say. Women don’t even remember the first thing you said to them anyway unless it was super crazy or off the wall. Confidence and a good energy (and chemistry which you either do or don’t have) is what matters.

So to answer your question, all else being equal, the best style is the style that the person is most congruent with.

All else is rarely equal, though.