Getting Things Handled

You need to feel like your own life to be in order if you want to have success in other areas of your life.  A lot of people don’t realize that this is the kind of thing where everything you do kind of interacts synergistically with everything else you do.  What will happen is there will be some guy who isn’t really happy with a certain area of his life, so he’ll start to learn about that area.  In some cases, he might even start to obsess about it (come on, we’ve all been there!).  Yet despite all he learns and all he tries, he may not have the kind of success he wants.


Because the rest of his life is kind of in shambles, and it all kind of bleeds over into everything else.

Let’s say there’s a guy who wants to learn to play guitar.  So he reads all about it online, he orders some instructional programs or signs up for lessons with a local teacher, and even spends some money on a decent beginner guitar.  He practices every day but never really gets anywhere.  Why might this be happening?  Because the rest of his life is kind of in shambles.

Your brain can kind of play tricks on you like this.  Subconsciously if you don’t feel like you are making progress in your life, or if you don’t feel like you are worthy, you can often self-sabotage your own progress in other areas.  The guy in our example might have a messy home, be behind on his bills, have just gotten dumped by his girlfriend, and works at a job that he doesn’t like.  It all makes him feel like he sucks in general, and that vibe is carried over into anything new he tries.

When you have your own matters handled it creates a feeling of confidence and positive energy within you that will carry over into other things you want to do.  This is especially true for meeting women.  A lot of guys feel like losers who don’t deserve good things throughout most of their day, and then they decide they’re going to go out and try and meet women one day, but they don’t have any success.  Why?  Because they don’t feel like they deserve any success!

Now, this isn’t to say that our here won’t end up being good at guitar.  Maybe he really enjoys playing, and in fact, maybe he finds that brings him joy that spills over into other areas of his life.

But always look at your own big picture.

Are you responsible?  No?  Start creating to do lists.  The more stuff you feel like you have to do that is looming over your head, the less motivated you will feel and you may even get to the point that you start putting it off.

Are your finances handled?  No?  Meet with an accountant.  This is a big area that holds a lot of people back.  It doesn’t mean you have to be rich, but you should at least have a plan in place that is gradually taking you to where you want to go.  Are you paying off your debt?  Are you saving some money each month?  Being on the right track can go a long way to making you feel more positive in general.

Is your place presentable?  No?  Clean it up!  Now.  Seriously.  Go clean it up and then come back and finish reading this post.  When people live in messy places it can just kind of bring you down and make you excuse laziness.  After all, your place is already messy, so who cares?

Plus, if you meet someone cool, do you really want to bring them back to a messy place?