Does The Kind Of Car You Drive Matter?

A lot of people think you need to have a nice car to have success with women. Luxury car salesmen will play up this angle, too, if a single man test drives one of their cars.  They’ll make a comment like “look at how the women turn to see who is driving this car as we drive past them.

Advertising companies play on this, too.  How many ads have you seen where a smooth, James Bond type guy is driving some luxury or sports car and he has a beautiful woman with him?  It’s trying to send the message that “if you buy this expensive car, beautiful women will want you.”  And of course they want you to think that, because if you believe it enough you might buy one of their cars.

So a lot of guys get it in their head that the kind of car they drive matters, and if they don’t drive a Ferrari or Porsche they feel like they are missing something.


Let’s examine what is really going on here.  When a guy thinks to himself “I need a nice car to get women,” that is a belief caused by social conditioning.  As mentioned above, the advertisers want him to feel that way, too, because it increases the chances of him buying one of their cars.  So since the guy believes that he needs a nice car to have success, he feels like he doesn’t deserve success unless he has a nice car.  This becomes a self-limiting belief.

If he were to buy an expensive car, he would feel like he meets the criteria set forth by society to be successful, and his mindset would change, and as a result his behavior would change because now he suddenly feels like he deserves success.

But it has nothing to do with the car.  It has to do with your mindset and what you feel you deserve.

I have a friend who is a pretty frugal guy.  Let me set the scene here: he has a decent job, but he lives in a tiny apartment, much smaller than he could afford if he wanted, simply to save a few hundred dollars per month on rent.  He has never had a new vehicle in his life, and instead drives only used trucks which are quite the opposite of what the media tells him he needs.  He buys his clothes on clearance sales to save money.  He never goes to Starbucks and instead brews his own coffee at home.  Basically, he saves as much money as possible and doesn’t own any flashy things.  But he has such a strong concept of who he is that he always appears confident, and women love it.  They don’t even care that he drives used trucks.  They don’t care that he has a small apartment or doesn’t wear the newest name brand clothing.  This dude is in the right mindset and basically just laughs every time he sees a commercial for something that they’re trying to make it seem like he needs in order to be successful and happy.  He is successful and happy without all that stuff, and women can pick up on that, and it’s very attractive to them.

That’s the kind of thing that matters.  Not what kind of car you drive.