Do You Need To Make A Huge Salary? (Hint: No)

Nearly every guy has thought at one point “how can I be successful with women if I don’t make a lot of money?”

That question represents two incorrect ways of thinking.

First, it presupposes that you need a lot of money for women to like you.  This is a backward rationalization.  What happens is that guys will see other guys who are successful in their lives and happen to have women, and assume the two are correlated.  “He must get women easily because he has a good job!”  What is actually happening is the guy probably has women for the same reason he is successful: he’s ambitious, he’s confident, he’s a leader, he takes action in his life because he is motivated.  Getting women is a side effect of having those traits.

The second one is the actual phrasing of the question: “make a lot of money.”  Many people (not just guys) equate making a lot of money with having a lot of money.  Remember that many people live paycheck to paycheck and so to them, making a lot of money means having a lot of money.  Consider the following two people:

Person One makes $30,000 per year.  Person Two makes $100,000 per year.  You’re probably already thinking “I’d rather be Person Two.”  Just hold on for a sec, chief.  Person One lives a very frugal life and has no debt and a net worth of around $200,000.  Person Two parties like a rock start and buys himself tons of cool stuff to try and impress other people.  Person Two has $1,000 in his checking account and a 4-figure balance on his credit card.

Now who would you rather be?

Who do you think has more stress?

Who do you think is going to be OK if they lost their job tomorrow?

This example serves to illustrate a point and ignores the fact that Person Two could be in a much better position if he were to make better financial choices, but that’s beside the point.  All else being equal a higher income is better, but now you realize that making a lot of money is not the same as having a lot of money.

So what are some ways that we can have more money.  I’m not going to tell you in this post to go get another job, or start a business, because while those are good ways to make more money, they’re not the point.  If you’re already frugal you can skip the rest of this post.  If not, your first lesson is that saving money is the same as making more money.  If you save $100 here and $50 there, and $3 every day, and $30 here, etc., that adds up to hundreds per month, which can add up to thousands per year.  Most people would be happy if they got a raise of a thousand dollars per year, but they never stop to think that saving an extra thousand per year would be the same (technically more, because you don’t pay taxes on money you save, but you’ll pay taxes on that thousand dollar raise).

Where can you cut expenses out of your life?  Do you need that huge cable TV package?  Really?  Are your car insurance rates too high?  Do you spend a few bucks every day on coffee?  Did you know you can make your own coffee for less than a dollar?  Does your office have a coffee machine with free coffee?  Do you buy $100 ties when you can find ones for half as much that look exactly the same?  Here’s a quick tip: if you’re making $40,000 per year in a corporate job, you don’t need $100 ties.  Who are you trying to impress?  Your coworkers who make the same salary as you?

Now I would be guilty of not giving  the entire story if I didn’t mention that yes, there are some women who will be attracted to you because you have expensive stuff (because they mistakenly think that having expensive stuff means you have a lot of money), but you don’t want to date these women, anyway.  You want to date someone who is supportive of your smart financial decisions, not someone who just likes being seen with you for status, or worse, because you spend lots of money on her.