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Cool concepts

The thing I would love to do is go somewhere with palm trees. I live in somewhere where we don’t really have that sort of thing. When I think about it it just seems like where I would enjoy. But

A New Blog

My friend was telling me that he wants to start writing more.  He was talking to me about it cuz he knows I write a lot online (hello, you’re reading my writing right now!) and he wanted to know how

Finding Ways To Make Money

I am thinking about looking into other ways to make money.  I’ve been talking with someone who says that he has been able to make some money on eBay but the thing is I don’t really have anything that I

Living Life

I want to take more time for myself and do some of the things that I want to do.  You know, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to save money and in the process I’ve avoided doing certain things. 

My Job Is Awesome

This week my shop gave in and bought some well-needed tools. We have had issues with not having the proper tools to work on the cranes that we service and it’s really been a pain. Well, last year was a

Double Trouble

Here’s something I wrote a little bit ago but wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it or not. I’m a little embarrassed to even be writing about what happened to me. I need to get a couple of things

Get Organized

You may remember a previous post I made about getting your stuff handled.  I’d like to talk a bit more about that because it seems like something we all struggle with at times. Being organized is important.  Look at your

Do You Need To Make A Huge Salary? (Hint: No)

Nearly every guy has thought at one point “how can I be successful with women if I don’t make a lot of money?” That question represents two incorrect ways of thinking. First, it presupposes that you need a lot of

Getting Things Handled

You need to feel like your own life to be in order if you want to have success in other areas of your life.  A lot of people don’t realize that this is the kind of thing where everything you

Your Mindset Comes From Within

If you’ve spent some times reading about self-improvement type things, you’ve probably come across many references to people saying things like “it’s all in your head,” or sometimes referring to it as “inner game.”  When you’re just starting out, it