Game gets a bad rap.  I think that for some people it’s actually really useful.  A lot of people just understand this stuff naturally, but a lot of don’t.

I don’t.  Well, I didn’t.  I understand it a lot better, now.

Those who just seem to get it tend to think it’s silly that others may actually have to study to learn how to deal with women and relationships.  It’s funny.  No one would make fun of you for studying to learn to speak a foreign language, or to learn how to paint, but as soon as they find out you are trying to improve your success with women, it’s suddenly “haha, what’s wrong with you?  It’s easy to meet women!”

For me, game was less about meeting a bunch of women and more about learning how to deal with the issues that come up in relationships.  I was sort of a “nice guy” and got walked over more than I should.

I’m still a nice guy, but I have more of a backbone now. I’m no longer a “nice guy.”  Do you understand the difference?

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